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Our Process

Into the Garden offers a wide range of landscape design, softscape installation services, pond design and maintenance, garden maintenance, and restoration services. ​

We are committed to meeting your every expectation with respect to the job and workmanship.  The foundation of being able to deliver what you expect is for Into the Garden to have a clear and complete understanding of the scope of work, materials to be used, and work standards.  To achieve that end, we employ written Proposals for each job and require customers to accept the Proposal in the form of a Services Contract before scheduling the work.  Our Services Contract is two pages plus a Scope of Work Exhibit.

We are committed to keeping Proposals as simple as possible while protecting both the customer and us.  Most of our Proposals and Service Contracts are two pages.

All landscaping and pond projects begin with a site visit by Michael or Lynn to discuss your project, gather necessary information, take photos, take measurements, and answer any questions you may have about our landscape services and our company.

The scope and nature of many landscape and pond projects can be successfully planned and executed with photos, measurements, and a simple sketch.  If landscape or pond design services are needed, we will provide such services at our hourly consulting rate.  Based on the agreed scope of work, we will prepare a written proposal and contract which will specify materials needed for the job and any other information provided at the site meeting.

Jobs are scheduled upon receipt of the accepted contract and deposit.



The project will be implemented in accordance with the scope of work, plans and specifications described in the Services Contract.  Changes or modifications to the design, scope of work or materials can still be made, subject to a written description of any changes.  Changes may affect contract price.

Upon completion, we will conduct a walk through with you to finalize your project.

Site Meeting 

Implementation of the Services Contract

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