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"The Pond Pixie"
Spreading the magic of beautifying ponds in the Cowichan Valley one pond at a time....

Pond Services:

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Pond Cleaning

Pond Care & Maintenance

Pond Repair & Renovation

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Pond Cleaning

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Every pond requires regular maintenance and a professional cleanup at least once a year in order to be a beautiful, healthy, and happy ecosystem.

"The Pond Pixie" cleaning services keep your pond looking exactly how it’s supposed to: clean, healthy & beautiful.  

Spring pond clean-outs are one of the most important things to do to keep a balanced, well-maintained pond / water feature.

The ideal time for a pond clean-out is in the early spring before your pond awakens from its winter dormancy and the water temperature gets above  55º F /12.8º C.

Your pond clean-out service includes:

  • Safe handling & keeping of fish during the cleanout process

  • Health check fish

  • Remove any leaves and debris

  • Trim & adjust aquatic plants

  • Clean mechanical & biological filters, skimmer

  • Check lights & other systems

  • Ultraviolet light clarifier tube replacement & quartz sleeve clean

  • Clean pump(s)

  • Clean waterfall(s), spillway(s) and fountain(s) 

  • Detoxify water and acclimate fish back into the pond

  • Inspect pump for optimized operation

  • Test water quality and treatment if needed (biological/ organic )

  • Troubleshoot for potential problems

  • Inform you of our recommendations to keep your pond healthy & happy


Just moved into a new home with a pond?   

Looking to learn the health of your pond?  

Have a pond & don't know what's wrong with it?

  "The Pond Pixie" can help with our Exploratory Drain & Clean Service:

  • Comprehensive cleaning

  • A complete pond inspection to determine the overall health of your pond.

  • After performing our Exploratory Drain & Clean, we will have a clear idea of your pond’s overall health, any leaks or issues with the pump(s) & filter(s)

  • We educate you, discuss our findings, and share tips & tricks to set you and your pond up to be a happy, healthy success.

Let us get dirty so you don't have to!

"The Pond Pixie" Pond Maintenance Programs

Pond Care & Management Service Programs:

"Silver Pixie" Monthly Care:

Good if you are a pond owner who wants some help by a professional in maintaining your pond, you have some time to dedicate to pond care & you don’t mind occasional pond muck.


"Gold Pixie" Bi-Weekly Care: 

Ideal if you are someone who wants professional help performing most of the maintenance of your pond. You can spend a little each month on pond care. You prefer to spend time enjoying your pond. A splash or two of pond muck is something you can tolerate if absolutely necessary.

"Platinum Pixie" Weekly Care:

Perfect if you are a pond owner who doesn’t want to spend time maintaining your pond and you want to avoid any and all muck throughout the year.

♦ Includes Annual pond cleaning 


Our care and maintenance service programs require a minimum 3-month commitment.

New contracts are subject to a clean-up fee, based upon the condition of the pond/ water feature.

We also provide spring start-ups and winter shutdowns for ponds & water features.

"The Pond Pixie" Pond Repair & Renovation Services

Pond & water features require lots of skill to keep everything running smoothly and to keep your fish and aquatic plants happy & healthy.

There are many reasons why a pond may require repair and/or renovation. If your pond is in need of repair or renovation, The Pond Pixie & her team are here to help you really love your pond... again!

Some of the common problems we fix:

  • Leaks: We will work with you to find the problem and discuss solutions

  • Discoloured / cloudy water: This might be due to leaves & debris falling into the pond, or  be caused by something more permanent. ​

  • Pump needs replacing: It is natural for pumps to wear out over time. Our pumps include manufacturer warranties.



Repair or Renovate? That is a good question.

Sometimes a repair such a patch to fix a leak is what might make you love your pond again.

If the thought of getting your pond "back to where it was before" does not make you really love your pond again ...


... your pond does not reflect your vision of how you want it to be...

it may be a time for a pond revitalization.

We take great pride in restoring & revitalizing ponds that reflect the lifestyle and personalities of each of our clients.  We create unique, customized pond revitalizations via a collaborative consultation process . 


Renovations include: bringing ponds up-to-date with renovations, including new or improved pond surrounds, aquatic plants, lighting and landscaping.

Renovation & Revitalization Services are available as paid consultation with design recommendations or full service:  consultation, design & installation.

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Into the Garden Inc. Client Testimonial
"Lynn came to revitalize our school pond and gave exceptional service. She truly cares for the ponds she works with and her knowledge is so vast. She taught our students how to care for the pond and did follow-up care.  She went above and beyond! I couldn’t recommend her more if you want to build a new pond or need help caring for an existing pond." J.P. - Shawnigan Lake

Really Love Your Yard!
Really Love Your Pond!

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